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Rutile Grade  CAS 13463-67-7 TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Food Additive EC 215-280-1

Rutile Grade CAS 13463-67-7 TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Food Additive EC 215-280-1

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    CAS 13463-67-7 titanium dioxide food additive


    Rutile Grade titanium dioxide food additive


    EC 215-280-1 food titanium dioxide

  • Other Names
    Titanium Dioxide
  • Purity
  • CAS NO.
  • Molecular Formula
  • Molecular Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    500 Kilogram / Kilograms
  • Price
    USD (20-40)/ Kilogram
  • Packaging Details
    25kg/ drum or as per customers ' requirements .
  • Delivery Time
    Within 3 Weeks
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year

Rutile Grade CAS 13463-67-7 TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Food Additive EC 215-280-1

CAS 13463-67-7 Affordable Price Food Titanium Dioxide Rutile Grade Chemical Additives

Basic Information

Model Number : HMHT0051
Other Names : TIO2

Molecular Formula : TIO2
Molecular Weight : 79.9
CAS NO. : 13463-67-7
EINECS NO. :215-280-1

Product Parameters


Appearance and shape
White amorphous powder
4.26 g/cm³
Melting point
1840 ℃
Boiling point
2900 ℃
Water soluble
Soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid


Packaging Types


25kg/ drum or as per customers ' requirements .


Transport/Storage Information


Store in a dry , well-ventilated warehouse .




Relative density: Among the commonly used white pigments, titanium dioxide has the smallest relative density. Among white pigments of the same quality, titanium dioxide has the largest surface area and the highest pigment volume.

Pigment name


Anatase Titanium Dioxide


Rutile Titanium Dioxide


Plate titanium dioxide


Dielectric constant: due to the high dielectric constant of titanium dioxide, it has excellent electrical properties. When determining certain physical properties of titanium dioxide, the crystal orientation of the titanium dioxide crystal should be considered. For example, the dielectric constant of the rutile type varies with the direction of the crystal. When it is parallel to the C axis, the measured dielectric constant is 180, when it is at right angles to this axis, it is 90, and its powder average value is 114. The dielectric constant of anatase titanium dioxide is relatively low, only 48.

Electrical conductivity: Titanium dioxide has the properties of a semiconductor. Its electrical conductivity increases rapidly with the rise of temperature, and it is also very sensitive to hypoxia. For example, rutile titanium dioxide is still an electrical insulator at 20°C, but when heated to 420°C, its electrical conductivity increases by 107 times. Slightly reducing the oxygen content will have a special impact on its conductivity. According to the chemical composition of titanium dioxide (TiO2), the conductivity is <10-10s/cm, while the conductivity of TiO1.9995 is as high as 10-1s/cm. The dielectric constant and semiconductor properties of rutile titanium dioxide are very important to the electronics industry, which uses the above characteristics to produce electronic components such as ceramic capacitors.

Rutile crystal structure

Rutile crystal structure

Hardness: On a scale of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale, rutile titanium dioxide is 6-6.5, anatase titanium dioxide is 5.5-6.0, so anatase is used in chemical fiber matting to avoid abrasion of the spinneret.

Melting point and boiling point: Because both anatase and brookite type titanium dioxide will transform into rutile type at high temperature, the melting point and boiling point of brookite type and anatase type titanium dioxide are practically non-existent. Only rutile titanium dioxide has a melting point and boiling point. The melting point of rutile titanium dioxide is 1850°C, the melting point in the air (1830±15)°C, and the melting point in oxygen enrichment is 1879°C. The melting point is related to the purity of titanium dioxide. The boiling point of rutile titanium dioxide is (3200±300)K, and titanium dioxide is slightly volatile at this high temperature.


Although titanium dioxide is hydrophilic, it is not very hygroscopic, and the rutile type is smaller than the anatase type.

The hygroscopicity of titanium dioxide has a certain relationship with the size of its surface area. The surface area is large and the hygroscopicity is high.

The hygroscopicity of titanium dioxide is also related to surface treatment and properties.

Thermal stability:

Titanium dioxide is a material with good thermal stability, and the general dosage is 0.01% to 0.12%.

Physical structure: rutile type, anatase type; crystal system, tetragonal system.

Lattice constants: A-axis 0.458, c-axis 0.795, A-axis 0.378, c-axis 0.949

A axis: 7.19X10-6 2.88~10-6

c axis: 9.94X10-6 6.44~10-6



1.Titanium dioxide is an important white pigment and porcelain glaze. Used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber, watercolor paint and other industries.

2.Titanium dioxide can be used as a white pigment in all foods. The product is suitable for: preserved fruit, jelly, fried food, cocoa products, chocolate, chocolate products, hard candies, polished candies, gum-based candies, puffed foods, candies and chocolate products coating, Mayonnaise, salad dressing, jam, solid beverage, konjac gel food, etc. Environmental protection

3.Titanium dioxide, as a catalyst for light coating pigments, is not only an environmentally safe cleaning agent, but also can save energy and protect environmental resources.

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Rutile Grade  CAS 13463-67-7 TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Food Additive EC 215-280-1 0


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Rutile Grade  CAS 13463-67-7 TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Food Additive EC 215-280-1 1 Rutile Grade  CAS 13463-67-7 TIO2 Titanium Dioxide Food Additive EC 215-280-1 2