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Acrylic Acid Market Is Operating Steadily, and Market Trading Is Active

June 24, 2021

According to data from SunSirs’ bulk list, as of June 23, the average price of acrylic acid in East China was 10,866.67 RMB/ton, an increase of 4.49% compared with the price on June 16, and an increase of 6.54% compared with the price at the beginning of the month. Compared with May 23, the price rose by 0.31%.

Since the second half of June, the acrylic acid market has been firm and the price was high and stable on the 23rd

Since June, the acrylic acid market in the first half of the month stabilized first and then rose, with a half-month increase of 1.31%. In the second half of the month, the acrylic acid market rose steadily. Some mainstream companies have implemented export orders. The current market supply is tight, coupled with the impact of some regional logistics restrictions, downstream stocks are prepared in advance, market enquiries and transactions are active, and the promotion atmosphere is strong, and the market is running firmly.

Upstream propylene, on June 23, the price of propylene in the Shandong region stopped falling and temporarily stabilized. According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, in June, the domestic propylene market fluctuated and declined. On the 23rd, the low-end price rose by about 50 RMB/ton and the market transaction reached around 7,600-7,800 RMB/ton, the mainstream price was around 7,800 RMB/ton. The current market transactions are stable, downstream purchase on-demand and the performance is average, which has limited support for propylene.

According to the acrylic acid analysts of SunSirs, the current cost support is general, the supply side is tight, and the market inquiries and transactions are active. It is expected that the acrylic acid market may be strong in the short term, and more attention needs to be paid to market news guidance.