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Home - News - Futures Were Red Again, and the Spot Price of Silicomanganese Rose

Futures Were Red Again, and the Spot Price of Silicomanganese Rose

September 15, 2021

Price trend

On September 14, the domestic spot price of silicomanganese (FeMN68Si18) rose by 100-200 RMB/ton, and the price at the main factory in Ningxia was between 8,600-8,700 RMB/ton.

Analysis review

On the 14th, silicomanganese futures rose again. Driven by futures, spot prices rose by 100-200 RMB/ton. At present, the spot supply of enterprises is tight, and most enterprises arrange production according to orders.

Recently, in addition to power and production restrictions in Guangxi and Guizhou, Yunnan Province has also issued a dual energy consumption control work arrangement: During the period from September to December, the energy consumption control measures of key enterprises will be adopted for enterprises with energy consumption higher than the industry average in the four industries of fertilizer manufacturing, basic chemical raw material manufacturing, coal processing, and ferroalloy smelting.

The upstream manganese ore market is still operating steadily, and the actual trend has not fluctuated significantly.

Market outlook

The current silicomanganese spot market continues to have positive news. In the short term, domestic spot prices of silicomanganese are likely to rise but difficult to fall.