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Home - News - In the off-Season of Downstream Demand, Price of Cocoon and Silk in the Chinese Market is Weak

In the off-Season of Downstream Demand, Price of Cocoon and Silk in the Chinese Market is Weak

January 10, 2022

From January 3 to 7, the domestic cocoon silk market fluctuated and adjusted. As of January 7, the average raw silk market price was 442,937 yuan/ton, up 0.03% from the beginning of the week and up 38.85% year-on-year; the dry cocoon market was temporarily stable, and the average market price At 144,000 yuan / ton, which was unchanged from the beginning of the week, up 52.38% year-on-year.

In the recent silkworm chrysalis market, the price of fresh chrysalis in Guangxi and Guangdong factories is 8,000-10,000 yuan/ton for grade A and B, and about 7,000-8,000 yuan/ton for grade C. Negotiable purchase. Dry and wet chrysalis: domestic A grade 5600-6200 yuan/ton, B grade 5400-5500 yuan/ton, C grade about 4800 yuan/ton. In Thailand, the purchase price is about 1700 US dollars / ton - 2000 US dollars / ton, and the general B-grade cargo quality is negotiated. Fresh frozen silkworm chrysalis in Vietnam is 10,000 dong/kg, and dry and wet chrysalis in South Korea is about US$1450-1550/ton.

The downstream enters the off-season, and the demand is weak and the overall is not prosperous. Near the Spring Festival, the weak situation has not improved significantly. At present, the overall demand for raw materials in the industry may gradually decline, driving the price of some sources to fall. The actual negotiation of suppliers is more flexible, and the focus of transactions remains low. At the same time, as the production of orders has basically been completed, after the completion of the terminal orders, the factory will reduce the operating rate and mainly collect funds.

In the textile industry, according to the Sunshine Textile Index, as of January 7, the textile index was 1021 points, an increase of 10 points from 1011 points in early January, and a decrease of 11.68% from the highest point in the cycle of 1156 points (2018-09-03). The lowest point of 681 points on August 13, 2020 rose 49.93%. (Note: The cycle refers to 2011-12-01 to the present)

Near the end of the year, the terminal textile market continues to be deserted. In addition, the year-end industry upstream and downstream industry chain funding problems are still fermenting, which has a significant impact on the price trend of cocoon silk. In the future, the cocoon silk market will be weak.