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Home - News - On March 30, the Glass Spot Market Was Mainly Stable

On March 30, the Glass Spot Market Was Mainly Stable

March 31, 2022

Price trend

The latest price on March 30: 24.2 yuan/square meter

On March 30, the glass spot market ran weakly and steadily.

Analysis review

In Shahe, North China, traders were mainly flexible in shipments, and downstream processing plants replenished goods on demand, and logistics in some areas were hindered. The overall market trading situation in the East China market was general, and more were wait-and-see, logistics in some areas were hindered, and market prices remained stable. The overall production and sales in Central China improved slightly, traders stocked up a small amount of goods, and the glass market price remained stable. The spot market of glass in South China was operating stably, the downstream was more wait-and-see, just needed to purchase mainly.

Market outlook

In the short term, the glass spot market will be mainly consolidated.