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Potassium carbonate market rose

June 10, 2022

Market analysis of potassium carbonate products

According to the data monitored by the SunSirs, the average ex factory tax price of Shanxi light potash at the beginning of the week was 9775.00 RMB/ton, and the average ex factory tax price of Shanxi light potash at the end of the week was 9900.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 1.28%, the current price rose by 5.13% month on month, and the current price rose by 46.88% year on year.

Potassium carbonate

The price of potassium carbonate continued to rise this week. It can be seen from the above figure that the potassium carbonate market has been rising continuously recently, and the market has reached a new high this week, with a gratifying rise. The quantity of imported potassium by sea this week was not sufficient, and the replenishment of imported potassium chloride at the port was relatively limited. The shortage of raw materials drives the market of potassium carbonate to rise. According to the statistics of the business agency, the mainstream factory quotation range of domestic industrial potassium carbonate this week is about 9800-10000 RMB/ton (the quotation is only for reference), and the quotation varies according to different procurement conditions.

Recently, the domestic market price of imported potassium chloride has risen slightly. The potassium chloride equipment of Qinghai Salt Lake Potash Fertilizer Co., Ltd. operates normally. The ex factory price is about 4480 RMB/ton, the quotation is temporarily stable, and the actual transaction price is mainly negotiated. Recently, the international market price of potassium chloride has been strong and rising, while the domestic spot market is in short supply, and the domestic inventory is relatively low. The supply exceeds the demand. The price of potassium chloride has risen slightly. It is expected that the potassium chloride market will be consolidated at a high level in the future.

Recently, there is a shortage of potash fertilizer supply in China. The supply of potash chloride imported from the port is relatively limited, and the cost support is strong. It is expected that the price of potash carbonate will mainly rise in the short term, and the long-term market still needs to see.