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The Domestic Market Dynamics of Pure Benzene

July 6, 2023

Price dynamics:

On July 3, Sinopec North China: Qilu Petrochemical offered 6,200 RMB/ton, Shijiazhuang Petrochemical 6,200 RMB/ton, Tianjin Petrochemical offered 6,200 RMB/ton;

East China: Yangzi Petrochemical quoted 62,00 RMB/ton;

South China: Hainan Refining&Chemical offered 6,200 RMB/ton;

Central China: Wuhan ethylene quoted 6,200 RMB/ton;

Others: Jingbo Petrochemical quoted 6,250 RMB/ton, HSBC Petrochemical quoted 6,200 RMB/ton, Weilian Chemical quoted 6,193 RMB/ton, Xinhai Petrochemical quoted 6,200 RMB/ton, and Hongrun Petrochemical quoted 6,200 RMB/ton.

Analysis review

On the 4th, the price of pure benzene at Jingbo Petrochemical remained stable, while the price of pure benzene at Weilian Chemical increased by 20 RMB/ton. The price of pure benzene at Xinhai Petrochemical remained stable.

On the night of July 3rd, the market surged to 6,280-6,300 RMB/ton, but crude oil stopped rising and fell back.

Market outlook

It is expected that the price of benzene in East China would be flat in the morning. On July 4, the domestic price of pure benzene would be between 6,193-6,250 RMB/ton.