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Home - News - The Ferrous Lithium Phosphate Market Mainly Operated Smoothly (February 3-10)

The Ferrous Lithium Phosphate Market Mainly Operated Smoothly (February 3-10)

February 16, 2023

Price trend

According to the data monitored by the SunSirs, as of February 10, the price of power-type premium ferrous lithium phosphate was 149,000 RMB/ton. Compared with the same period last week, the market of ferrous lithium phosphate was stable. Compared with the beginning of February, the price fell by 1.32%, with a drop of 2,000 RMB/ton. The mainstream price range was around 150,000 RMB/ton. It was mainly for contract customers, and new orders were not accepted.

Analysis review

The ferrous lithium phosphate market mainly operated smoothly. As of the 10th, the mainstream price was 149,000 RMB/ton. The downstream purchased just in needed mainly. The manufacturers only supplied old customers, and did not accept new customers’ orders. The overall market supply was stable, the operating rate was normal, and the logistics was smooth. The price this week was slightly lower than that at the beginning of this month, with a narrow range and weaker operation.

Chemical commodity index: On February 9, the chemical index reached 932 points, which was the same as the previous day, down 33.43% from the highest point of 1,400 points (2021-10-23) in the cycle, and up 55.85% from the lowest point of 598 points on April 8, 2020. (Note: the period refers to 2011-12-01 to now).

Market outlook

Analyst of ferrous lithium phosphate of SunSirs believes that the ferrous lithium phosphate market is mainly stable in the short term.