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Home - News - The Price of Sodium Metabisulfite Kept Stable (March 13-17)

The Price of Sodium Metabisulfite Kept Stable (March 13-17)

March 23, 2023

Price trend

According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the domestic sodium metabisulfite price remained stable overall this week. The average price of industrial grade sodium metabisulfite at the beginning of the week was 2,416.67 RMB/ton, and the average weekend price was 2,416.67 RMB/ton, which remained unchanged overall.

Analysis review

In the middle of March, the domestic sodium metabisulfite market as a whole maintained a stable progress. This week, the domestic industrial grade sodium metabisulfite market price range was 2,400-2,500 RMB/ton. The rising trend of raw material costs stabilized, the overall operating rate of sodium metabisulfite production enterprises was low, the inventory of sodium metabisulfite was relatively low, and enterprises mainly completed orders from old customers.

As of March 17, the price of domestic soda ash stabilized and then slightly decreased, with a monthly decrease of 0.36%. The price of sulfur rose by 7.69%. The overall price of upstream raw materials stabilized and then slightly decreased. The cost stabilization will support the continued strong and stable operation of the domestic sodium metabisulfite market in the future.

Market outlook

Analysts from SunSirs believe that the overall upward trend of upstream raw material prices was stabilizing, and in the short term, the domestic market price of sodium metabisulfite will follow the cost and keep the stable progress overall.