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Home - News - Demand has not Improved Significantly, Price of Spandex in the Chinese Market remains on the Decline

Demand has not Improved Significantly, Price of Spandex in the Chinese Market remains on the Decline

December 20, 2021

The domestic spandex market has fallen for six consecutive weeks. This week (December 13-17), the weekly decline was 2.19%. As of December 17, the average market price was 71,400 yuan/ton, a year-on-year increase of 72.46%.

Affected by the low purchasing atmosphere of downstream end customers, the overall market transaction price is chaotic, and the actual transaction is a single talk. Although spandex manufacturers are selling profits, there is still some inventory pressure, and most of them are still operating. At present, mainstream spandex manufacturers maintain a high level of 8.90%.

The start of the pure MDI industry fell to 5.1%, the overall supply of manufacturers was tightening, traders were reluctant to sell, and the market price fell at a slower rate. The PTMEG market is narrowly sorted, the raw material BDO price is running at a high level, cost support is maintained, and the market has a strong price mentality. The mainstream factories with 1800 molecular weight sources are offering around 47000-49000 yuan/ton, and the actual order negotiation refers to 47000-48000 yuan/ton.

With the weakening of the price of spandex, the terminal textile market has less follow-up, and just needs to get the goods. At the same time, due to the impact of the epidemic, the market in Xiaoshao and Shaoxing areas has become weaker. Weaving factories mainly produce inventory, and the willingness to purchase raw materials is not high. Factory starts continue to decline, of which circular knitting starts at around 4-5%, and the warp knitting sector starts at around 5-6%.

Raw material price support is insufficient, and the downstream is cautiously following up, mostly focusing on the consumption of inventories. In the case of no obvious improvement in demand, it is expected that the spandex market price will continue to decline in the short term.