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Home - News - On December 22nd, Market Outlook for Silicon Metal (441#) will still be Weak

On December 22nd, Market Outlook for Silicon Metal (441#) will still be Weak

December 23, 2021


On the 22nd, the price of 44# metal silicon continued to run weakly and steadily, with an average domestic market price of 22090 yuan/ton. The market operating rate is relatively high and there is a backlog of inventory. According to traders' understanding, the shipment situation is not satisfactory. Recently, there have been many inquiries, but the transaction is light, mainly due to low-priced sources of goods.

Today, the domestic silicone DMC ex-factory quotation refers to around 24000-25,000 yuan/ton, and the average price refers to 24,300 yuan/ton. Shandong's major manufacturers increase the silicone DMC ex-factory price, which has led to a slight rebound in market sentiment. The northern region is expected to drop negatively. Silicone prices Up. Aluminum alloy manufacturers are actively purchasing, and the transaction is fair, and the price is the same as yesterday. ADC12 Wuxi market price is 20,000 yuan/ton.

Outlook forecast

The current shutdown rate in the silicon market is not as good as expected, and manufacturers are still willing to produce, but the market demand is not released well, and the market outlook is expected to continue to weaken.