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Ethyl Alcohol Market Conditions Were Sorted at Low Levels

July 4, 2022

Price trend

According to the sample data monitored by SunSirs, from June 24 to July 1, the domestic ethyl alcohol market was mainly in the doldrums. At the beginning of the week, the average price of domestic ethyl alcohol production remained at 7,500 RMB/ton, and at the weekend, the price fell to 7,450 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.67% during the week, a decrease of 0.67% month-on-month, and a year-on-year increase of 7.19%.

Analysis review

The domestic ethyl alcohol market was mainly volatile. Some time ago, some large factories in some areas reduced production due to equipment failure or stopped to install new devices. The supply decreased, which formed a certain support for the price and the price increased slightly. The price of raw maize fell, and the market price weakened slightly due to the influence. The downstream demand performance was average, and it was gradually sorted out.

In terms of raw materials, the price of corn fluctuated and sorted out, and it will weakly fluctuate downward in the short term. The supply of molasses is in the inventory digestion period, and the price continues to remain at a high level.

In terms of downstream products, the high temperature period in summer is the off-season for downstream liquor, and the price of ethyl alcohol is not dominant at this stage, and the purchase of ethyl acetate is mainly maintained just on demand. In the chemical industry, there will be no equipment changes for ethyl acetate next week. The equipment of the main manufacturers in Shandong is running normally, and the short-term demand is stable.

Market outlook

The raw material corn market has weakened, and the downstream demand is relatively light at present. The demand for liquor is entering the off-season. In terms of ethyl acetate, the device has been turned on, which may be able to drive demand in a narrow range. SunSirs’ ethyl alcohol analysts predict that the domestic ethyl alcohol market will be mainly sorted in the short term.