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Home - News - On July 6, the TDI Market Sorted Out to Be Weak

On July 6, the TDI Market Sorted Out to Be Weak

July 7, 2022

Price trend

On July 6, the average TDI market price in East China decreased by 0.14% compared with the previous working day, and the market conditions sorted out to be weak.

Analysis review

The factory's spot was tight, and mainly supported the price. The downstream terminal was in the traditional off-season, and the demand was weak. The stockholders negotiated the shipment at a profit-cutting, and the trading atmosphere on the market was weak.

On July 6, the price range of dealers in East China was about 17,200-17,500 RMB/ton for domestic products, and 17,400-17,800 RMB/ton for Shanghai products.

Market outlook

It is expected that the TDI market will be in a stalemate in the short term, with specific attention to market supply and downstream follow-up.